Cannabis College Comes to Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Industry

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The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to roll along at a faster rate than many expected. The fast-growing Oklahoma medical marijuana industry has started to drive strong roots into the foundation of the emerging industry. With this in mind, a company has started offering weekend classes to help educate those interested in entering the cannabis industry as a career path. HempStaff Dispensary Agent Training launched two 4-hour long training sessions for employees and owners looking to capitalize on the cannabis industry. The classes help students learn more about the history, science, and regulatory context around the emerging Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. With this, we will take a quick moment after summarizing the new cannabis class to discuss the potential regulatory changes coming to the nascent Oklahoma medical marijuana market.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Industry Training

Oklahoma is getting their own cannabis crash course offered for the first time over last weekend by HempStaff. Students have spoken highly of the training sessions. KFOR news reported, “Students say they get a heaping helping of hemp information. “I felt like I learned almost too much. I learned a lot. Having this versus not having this, you will be able to have the knowledge to give the patients what they need when they come into the dispensary vs not knowing anything at all,” Tyler Ridenour, Hempstaff student.” The training sessions are said to provide the historical and scientific content around cannabis which has become an extremely expansive topic with the legalization of medical marijuana in California nearly 25 years ago.

The attendees of the last training session were quoted saying they received a ton of valuable insight about hemp, in addition to medical marijuana education. Finally, the classes also focus on the constantly changing cannabis regulations which seem to be a norm as the cannabis industry spreads across the country. With this, we should expect big regulatory changes for both Oklahoma medical marijuana and hemp in the coming years. We will dive into the coming regulations change as the Oklahoma state legislature starts their 2019 session in early Feburary. With that, if you want to learn more about entering the cannabis industry, perhaps a class from HempStaff can be a good place for you start. The next course in Oklahoma is scheduled for April in Tulsa. For more information, visit the HempStaff website.

Changing Regulations in the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Industry

The regulatory environment in Oklahoma medical marijuana will continue to change as regulators put forth new guidelines and fill in any holes to the new and current regulatory environment. With that in mind, we are a few days away from the start of the Oklahoma state legislature 2019 session and have heard rumors of about potential changes being introduced to the medical marijuana industry here in the Sooner state. First, one of the top priorities reported for the 2019 session will be around product labeling and most likely pushing for the safety of children with the expansion of medical marijuana. For example, it is extremely important that cannabis companies label their products as being infused with medical marijuana so that they do not get accidentally consumed by children. Furthermore, state legislators noted how they want to improve the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry’s testing requirements to promote further consumer safety from the nascent industry.

Other interesting changes being proposed include an assurance that no personal information is retained for the state’s digital records of patient licenses, opening the pathway for municipalities within Oklahoma to ban cannabis businesses or restrict them as they see fit, and potentially opening the way for cities and counties to tax medical marijuana up to 7% more than current tax levels. The legislative proposals have been the result of a marijuana work group among legislative representatives who are seeking to close any loopholes in the laws while still promoting a pro-business approach to the regulatory environment.

All and all, we should expect the young medical marijuana sector in Oklahoma to be changing drastically over the coming years. As more and more regulations get passed, if you ever have a question, we with The Peak Dispensary are always happy to help!

Until next time friends, stay well!

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