Top 10 Cannabis-Infused Treats for Thanksgiving

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The holiday season slowly approaches and with it, Thanksgiving is only a short month away. While Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, it is also a time to celebrate family and community in general. With that in mind, we will dive into some of our favorite cannabis-infused desserts for the Thanksgiving holiday!

With Thanksgiving just a short few weeks away, the time to start planning your holiday food is approaching more quickly. The favorite Thanksgiving desserts such as pecan and apple pies can be infused with Oklahoma medical marijuana. This also includes a host of other delicious treats that can have cannabis incorporated into the cooking process. 

Finally, remember to set your dosage to something reasonable since no one wants just a single bite of a pie! In the past, we have discussed edible dosing on The Peak Blog and this is a great resource to use before you start your cooking process. This will ensure your edibles turn out the proper dosage to be tasty and properly medicated without going overboard.

With that said, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the Top 10 Cannabis-Infused Treats for Thanksgiving!

Cannabis-Infused Pecan Pie


One of the most exciting ways to infuse any pie with Oklahoma medical marijuana is with the crust of the pie. Since cannabis has to be cooked into something fat-soluble, the pie crust makes for a wonderful place to start the infusion process. 

A pecan pie could also be infused with a tincture that was added after the pie completed the baking process in the oven. With that said, many Oklahoma medical marijuana shops, such as The Peak will offer patients tinctures. These liquid forms of THC help empower patients to ‘infuse’ a piece of food with ease. 

Apple Pie

Another wonderful type of dessert to create for the Thanksgiving holiday, Apple Pie. Again within the crust of the pie, patients across the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry can easily infuse this with cannabis. The process of making involves a ton of butter and therefore makes for a perfect pairing with the cannabis plant, which is only fat-soluble. Fat-soluble means the cannabis plant can only be infused into fatty foods such as oils and butter.

Medical Marijuana Apple Crisp

Another wonderful choice if you want a variety of desserts for your Thanksgiving table. Similar to apple pie, yet apple crisps can offer a different type of apple-based and infused delight for your Thanksgiving guests. Many recipes for apple crisp call for an ingredient such as butter which can be infused with cannabis fairly easily. A Protip if you decide to make apple crisp infused with medical marijuana, add some ice cream to the mix for a tasty hot and cold balance on your dessert plate.

Caramel Apples

Finally, we have caramel apples on this which can pack a very sweet punch. Caramel apples could easily be infused with Oklahoma medical marijuana since many caramel based edibles exist in the market. With that in mind, next time you want to make your caramel apples with products from The Peak, an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary, we will have you covered! 

If you do decide to purchase already infused caramels remember to correct the dosage with other non-infused treats! That said, it may work best to produce caramel apples infused with cannabis by mixing edible versions of caramels with non medicated ones to get the perfect dosage and taste for your caramel apples!

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Pumpkin Rolls

cannabis-infused pumpkin desserts

What is Thanksgiving without at least one pumpkin-flavored treat? We believe this crucial dessert should go with any Thanksgiving meal and luckily there are many different varieties of pumpkin treats that you can choose from. First, we will look at a classic Thanksgiving dessert known as pumpkin rolls.

These delicious desserts offer an easy to enjoy hand food. The greatest thing about the pumpkin rolls is their flavor though. These dessert treats put the famous pumpkin spice latte to shame compared to their flavorful taste! When making infused pumpkin rolls with Oklahoma medical marijuana, it may be a wise move to make a second batch that is not infused so you have extra when the munchies set in.

Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treats


Forkly offers a wonderful recipe for Fall Festive rice crispy treats, all of which are shaped to look like pumpkins! The great thing about a rice crispy treat recipe is how easy it would be to infuse your Oklahoma medical marijuana into it with the butter added to the recipe. When infusing butter, remember all you have to do is heat the butter to the right temperature, stir in your cannabis product evenly, and then depending upon the temperatures used, let the mixture cook for around 30 minutes to many hours. 

Once you have your infused butter, you just need to add the mixture with your rice crispies and some sugary ingredients such as marshmallows. Then top these off with some food coloring to make it a fitting treat for your Thanksgiving dinner table. With that in mind, remember to not mix up the infused and non-infused treats! You certainly don’t want to give someone an infused edible who wasn’t expecting one. 

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Whoopie Pies

Cannabis Edibles

Another more unique dessert option, infused whoopie pies. This recipe may take someone with a bit more of a knack for the culinary arts. That said, it will surely be a hit with any medical marijuana patient looking to enjoy a homemade edible. Many whoopie pie recipes online call for butter to go into the crust of the whoopie pie. This gives an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient any easy method to infuse this dessert. 

As mentioned above, the process of infusing butter is a fairly easy one. The trick is to get the correct temperature and duration. Normally, an easy way to do this is to take advantage of a crockpot. Another great tip, mix in a little water with your butter and let the product cool in the fridge after it is infused with cannabis. This will naturally separate from the butter which solidifies in the fridge and will make the process for removing any cannabis plant matter more easily.

Infused Cinnamon Maple Cookies

An easier choice for the Thanksgiving dessert options would be to make maple cookies. These delicious cookies bring together a great fall flavor with an easy-to-make recipe. With that in mind, patients can easily follow the above recipes which describe the butter infusion process to make these cookies. For an added bonus, drizzle a maple frosting onto these cookies to make these tasty treats even more enjoyable for you and other Oklahoma medical marijuana patients enjoying the Thanksgiving season with you this year.

Cherry Cheesecake Dip

cannabis-infused cherry dessert

To truly impress, choose the cherry cheesecake dip to make your infused dessert! With that said, this recipe does require a bit more of a knack for the culinary arts. With the Oklahoma medical marijuana-infused cherry cheesecake dip recipe, patients will need to infuse cream cheese. This is fairly similar to infusing olive oil or coconut oil with a saucepan. This can take some time to make sure to plan ahead and perhaps even complete the infusion cooking process the day before you plan to make the actual cherry cheesecake dip. Once you have made the dip, you can use a variety of different crackers or fruits to act as a pairing with your dip!

Cannabis-Infused Cranberry Shortbread

Last but not least on the list of the top 10 cannabis-infused desserts brings cranberry shortbread! This tasty treat offers a less sweet option compared to many on the list while still being packed with sweet sugary flavor. Again this dessert offers an easy to infuse butter option as an ingredient. With that in mind, the cranberry shortbread cookies bring together a tasty treat which can be tempting to eat many at one time. Remember to adjust your cannabis dosage appropriately and perhaps even consider making a batch of non-infused shortbread!

All and all, Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time to celebrate things we are grateful for. If you benefit as a member of the Oklahoma medical marijuana community, perhaps this means celebrating what cannabis has done to help you! Hopefully, this list of cannabis-infused desserts empowers you to celebrate Oklahoma medical marijuana as you see best!

In closing, remember the team with The Peak Dispensary is always happy to help where we can. Stop by one of our many dispensary locations, and a member of our staff is pleased to help where they can.

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