Benefits of Vaping versus Smoking & The Best Temperatures to Vape Cannabis

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The world of Medical marijuana continues to be ever evolving with new strains, smoking devices, and other fun things within the industry emerging almost daily. The world of medical marijuana has even blessed us with new types of marijuana consumption with edibles and vaporizers becoming more and more popular. While we discussed edibles last week, we thought it would be exciting to take a closer look at cannabis vaporizers and how they can affect your Oklahoma medical marijuana experience. With these changes, you may be surprised to learn that vaporizers have actually been around for over half a century.

The first vaporizers were heating elements which pushed vapor through tubes or down a hose. These devices are a far cry from the modern-day vaporizers which often look like something out of a sci-fi movie more so than a cannabis consumption device. With that said, the vaporizers of today are also a lot more efficient than before. The benefits you can get from using a vaporizer are great for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. These devices can help your herb last longer and be a less harsh way of consumption compared to smoking cannabis. With that in mind, today we will take a closer look at cannabis vaporizers and why they are safer than smoking cannabis.

Furthermore, we will examine what the different temperature do when vaping your cannabis. The different temperatures can actually impact which cannabinoids are released. This can impact the effects of the experience since different components of the cannabis plant combust at different temperatures. If you are an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient trying to get the most out of your medicine, understanding these different temperatures and the effects of different cannabinoids can help immensely. With that said, let us dive right in!

Benefits of Vaporizer Compared To Smoking Medical Marijuana

The actual act of smoking any substance can be harsh on the lungs. This goes for cannabis as well. So, it is best to consider this especially if you are an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient. With that said though, many Oklahoma dispensaries do not spend the time to educate patients on the different types of cannabis consumption such as vaporizing the plant versus smoking the plant. Instead, the patient holds the responsibility to research these things, in addition to talking to their doctor or primary caregiver. That being said, hopefully, this short article will help to further your educational path regarding cannabis vaporizing. That being said, please do not think of this as medical advice, nothing can replace the advice provided by a doctor.

Safer on the Lungs

The basis of having a vaporizer often rests upon the fact that it is not as harsh on your lungs. The temperature at which cannabis combusts is actually quite a bit lower than what is produced with a flame or ember. When you burn cannabis, you also release many different aspects of the plant beyond the THC and beneficial cannabinoids. A vaporizer, on the other hand, offers the precise temperature needed to release just the beneficial aspects of the cannabis plant. This leaves patients with a vapor going into their lungs at a lower temperature than when a flame is used.

Make your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana longer

Example of Vaped Cannabis compared to Fresh Cannabis – Image Source

Another exciting benefit to using a vaporizer, patients using a vaporizer will actually see there is leftover plant matter after they medicate. The greatest aspect about vaporizing medical marijuana instead of smoking it is the fact that you can use your medical marijuana twice when vaped. The leftover, already vaped cannabis can be cooked into edibles or other cannabis products such as oils or tinctures. This benefits the patient immensely saving them money for their medical marijuana expense each month. Further, this can be a great way to start to try to make your own edibles and start to experiment with other forms of cannabis extraction. While edibles and tinctures will not be as strong with already vaporized cannabis, they still pack a punch. If you do end up making your own edibles with vaporized medical marijuana, be sure to go low and slow on the final products! Edibles can take a long time to kick in and effects can vary greatly with homemade edibles. Now that we know the benefits of medical marijuana being vaporized instead of smoked, let us dive into the

Vaporizer Medical Marijuana: What Impact Do Different Temperatures Have?

The cannabis plant offers a complex set of compounds which make up the plant. There are hundreds of different cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds which together make up the cannabis plant. With that said, each of the different cannabinoids and terpenes that make up medical marijuana has different combustion temperatures which allow you to often times get a specific one for your needs. Though it is good to note that you can only get certain cannabinoids and terpenes that have a lower combustion temperature than others since higher temperatures will naturally combust the lower compounds on the list.

Many vaporizers will offer different temperature settings without being specific on the exact temperature. For that reason, we have grouped the three different and most common temperatures used when vaporizing medical marijuana.

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Low Temperature (320 to 350 Degrees)

The lower temperatures of a vaporizer will offer a more subtle and functional high for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. This temperature range focuses primarily on the psychoactive components of the plant including THC. These temperatures will also release terpenes such as Myrcene and Pinene. While you will get some effects for the body, this temperature will not be the most pain relieving or sedative of the bunch. Instead, it will empower patients to remain functional while still having mild relief. Furthermore, some patients will find that the THC component of the plant works best for them and there is no need to go to a higher temperature. While every different condition will dictate this pattern, it is worth a try as you can always turn the temperature up higher for a second or third round in the vaporizer.

Medium Temperature (351 to 390 Degrees)

The second temperature set on your vaporizer will combust more of the compounds found within medical marijuana. This temperature will start to feel closer to a smoking experience with the vapor becoming thicker and denser as you start to increase the temperature. These include terpenes as well such as Linalool and Humulene which have to be closer to 400 degrees to be released. These temperatures will also start to release CBD and CBN, two of the more therapeutic compounds found within the cannabis plant. Yet, we are still a good bit away from combustion point in which all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found within the plant would be released.

High Temperature (391 to 420 Degrees)

The higher temperatures will get you closer to a smoking experience as combustion will begin just above these numbers around 450 degrees. Furthermore, CBC another non-psychoactive compound will also be released at this temperature. Oklahoma medical marijuana patients may find that their medical marijuana feels like a more complete experience when using higher temperatures. This is due to the fact that at lower temperatures some of the core compounds found within the cannabis plant are not active yet. Another interesting trick that seems to be a good practice is to slowly increase the temperature on your vaporizer to get a longer lasting experience of actually vaping. With each temperature increase, you should see and perhaps even feel the different cannabinoids and terpenes being released.

All and all, the vaporization of the cannabis plant proves to be a more effective and healthier alternative to smoking your medical marijuana. With that in mind, hopefully, after reading this piece today you understand how and why vaporizing medical marijuana is a healthier choice than combusting the plant. Furthermore, we hope that you also have learned a thing or two regarding the many different temperatures at which one can vaporizer their plant matter. We believe that different temperatures for your vaporizer can lead to slightly different effects which may be more expressive in different types of conditions.

As always, if you ever have any questions, we with The Peak Dispensary are always happy to help where we can. Stop by one of our locations to learn more! And as always, stay well!

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