Benefits of Cannabis Oil for Pets

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With cannabis taking the world by storm, many pet owners are now seeking information about the effect of medical marijuana on their pets. If your pet has ever been sick before, you know that you will do anything to help relieve their discomfort. While the psychoactive form of Cannabis with THC should be avoided for your pets, there are other options such as CBD based cannabis oil. It is important to remember CBD has not been extensively researched with regards to its effect on animals but there has been a range of personal reports from patients who have found success with these applications. So naturally, you should consult your veterinary before giving your pets any medication. Yet, with the plethora of positive effects CBD has on humans, it really is no wonder CBD can help our pets too. Today we’ll dive into the five top health benefits that CBD can bring to your pets.

Pain Relieving  

The discomfort pets feel can pull on our heartstrings as an owner. Whether it is a minor injured paw or a major illness that’s causing pain for our pets, we as pet owners always want to do whatever we can to help our loved ones. Luckily, CBD has been shown to relieve a variety of different pains. The analgesic effects of the compound can often provide relief from the discomforts of pain. The compound can also help pets who are causing their own pain with too much licking or movement for a wound to heal properly.


Naturally, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are some of the most exciting. There is a huge range of illnesses, including pain, which inflammation is responsible for. Thus, the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can have a positive effect on eliminating the discomfort caused by inflammation. This may be the most common benefit from CBD because so much discomfort in the world is caused by inflammation. The same can be said for our pets which seem to enjoy similar benefits that humans see from the cannabinoid CBD in Cannabis Oil.

Reduce Anxiety

Some of our pets can be extremely anxious. Perhaps when someone knocks at the front door, while traveling in the car, or maybe you have a pet which is naturally on edge with anxiety. CBD can be a great relief for these animals and the case studies have been widely reported by patients who found success with this application. Even a pet that’s simply too energetic, may benefit from the calming nature of Cannabis oil.


If you’ve ever had a pet that suffers from seizures, then you know the horrible feeling it is to watch your pet suffer like this. One great application of cannabis oil that can be apparent is with its anticonvulsant properties. It also is a huge reason we’ve seen medical cannabis spread so quickly across the country because the non-psychoactive oil can help stop seizures in people as well. Further, stopping a seizure is easily noticeable and everyone can quickly agree on the positive impact prevent seizures can have for patients or pets.

May Reduce Tumor Growth

If your pet has been diagnosed with a tumor, it can be extremely overwhelming and quickly bring feelings of distraught. The worst thing in the world for many pet owners is seeing their loved pet get ill and suffering from pain. Luckily, for pets suffering from a tumor, CBD may reduce the ability for the Tumor to grow. This can bring a two-fold effect for pets, in which the tumor is stunted from growing as well as relieving the discomfort a larger tumor would have on the animal. This may not be a solution to the root of the issue but it certainly can help your pet enjoy their final days in a more enjoyable way.

All and all, CBD brings a ton of potential to pet owners who are looking to help their pet deal with an illness or discomfort. As mentioned above, it is always best to speak to a professional such as your local vet before giving your pet medicine. Yet, the great thing about cannabis is it is non-toxic, unlike many other medicines we use. With that in mind, along with the many positive effects listed above, it certainly is worth a try for any pet owner looking to bring relief to their loved one. Further, there may be more benefits CBD can bring to your pets which are yet to be discovered. While the research needs to be finalized on the topic, studies have been started this year to study the effects of cannabis on pets.

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