A Quick Overview of Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient

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If your primary care provider suggests accessing Oklahoma medical marijuana as a treatment option, here’s a quick guide from a dispensary as to how cannabis works in Oklahoma. 

First, remember the origins of the Oklahoma medical marijuana program date back far beyond 2018 when the program was legalized. Cannabis has a long and colorful history which can help patients understand how plant medicine was used in the past.

That being said, becoming a medical marijuana patient is an overwhelming experience. With this quick overview, you will walk into the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana dispensary near you with confidence that you’re informed of the basics.

With that said, let’s dive right in!

Cannabis has history

Marijuana has been consumed for thousands of years. Modern cannabis is not much different than the ancient forms used by medicine men, apothecaries, doctors, and healers of old. It’s been used by many different cultures to manage a surprising list of symptoms and provide health benefits galore! All medical cannabis is plant-based! 

Cannabis has recently been legalized for medicinal use in many states, including Oklahoma, and there is progress being made towards legalization at a federal level. If your licensed medical professional has suggested it, you’re in luck as a Sooner resident!

Why should I choose medical cannabis?

A hand holding a cannabis leaf with a doctor's glove on
Oklahoma medical marijuana

Traditional medications that are synthesized in a lab are pure. That doesn’t necessarily make them safer or more effective than medical cannabis. In fact, many of these medications have serious side-effects and harsh health consequences for long term use, misuse or abuse. Very few of them are made by natural means. The most drastic example of this is synthetic opiates. They’re commonly used for pain management. These medications have major side effects and an accident or intentional misuse can lead to death by overdose!

With doctor guidance, cannabis can be a safe medication for patients, but just like any other powerful medication, it is best not to drive, operate machinery or do any other activities that having an altered state of consciousness could lead to a danger to yourself or others. Medical marijuana is safe, but it can slow your reaction time and could make you sleepy. Always take into consideration when you last took your medication and what the dose was before engaging in anything where safety is critical.

Medical Cannabis is Versatile

different color cookies to show versatility
medical marijuana versatility with assorted color macaroons

Some medical conditions have many symptoms. If you’re suffering from a list of symptoms like pain with appetite loss and trouble sleeping, for example, cannabis may be a good fit for you! There are a variety of strains that have different active medicinal components in different ratios. There are a ton of things that medical cannabis will address for patients with various symptoms and our Oklahoma City medical marijuana dispensary can help you find an option that is tailored to you.

Options for Consuming Medication That Fit You

Most traditional medications have very limited options when it comes to the forms that they may take. Why limit yourself to inconvenient or unpleasant means of medicating yourself? Instead, consider the various ways to use cannabis as a medication, and you’ll see that it’s a great resource for your comfort and convenience!

There are many options for medicating with cannabis. Considering the best form for you can give you benefits that other medications can’t. When you break it down there are several categories that the various forms of cannabis fall into.

Many forms, many benefits of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

We’ll take a broad look at the most common and relevant aspects of how Oklahoma medical marijuana can you. Here whole flower, mechanical extracts, solvent extracts, and the various ways that they can be used as medicine will be touched upon briefly so when approaching a staff member at your local dispensary you can ask all the right questions.

We can’t list all the ways you can access the benefits of medical marijuana but here are just a few. 

  • Smoked – such as with rolling papers, using various smoking apparatus that filter the smoke with water or cool it with ice
  • Vaporized – either traditionally with a true vaporizer or atomized through a portable electronic vape pen or within a cartridge.
  • Edibles – Cannabis in edible form offers a wonderful experience which can be longer lasting for patients.
  • Salve, lotion or Tincture – these provide a wonderful solution for patients who want to avoid smoking and eating cannabis but still want the benefits of medical marijuana 

 Every option has its own benefits, and consulting your local Peaks dispensary staff will help you learn what all of these options are. The possibilities are almost endless!

Flowers for your health

Outdoor Cannabis plant focused on a single bud
Cannabis has been used for hundreds of years as a medicine.

Medicinal cannabis in its most traditional form is a dried and cured flower harvested from a cannabis plant. It may alleviate pain, increased appetite, and calm your nerves when smoked, vaporized or baked into edibles. These are only a few of the many potential benefits. 

Various methods for smoking or vaporizing flower exist, as well as many options to convert this form into an edible medication. Cannabis flower is the basis for all extracts. There are many techniques and options for growing the plant that gives us this wonderful medicine that may be used to treat many illnesses, symptoms of genetic disorders and give health benefits that are still being discovered through research.

Flower is the most common form of consumption and likely the most accessible form of medicine to an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient. The ease of access and consumption as well as the lower cost of this option make it an attractive way to purchase medicine. Flower is the most “raw” and natural form of cannabis medication.

“Mechanical” extraction, is it right for you?

There are many ways to separate the active ingredients from the plant that produces them. Some of these forms are called “hash,” “kief,” “rosin” and more broadly “concentrate.” Various means of filtering out the plant material to increase potency and make various means of consumption more effective exist. 

Generally, the important thing to know is that, there are absolutely no contaminants introduced and never any toxic chemicals used in these processes. Sometimes this is done by heating and pressing out the medicine, leaving the plant behind. Another way this is done is by using different size screens to “sift” the medicine away from the plant. Sometimes water is used to agitate the plant material more effectively and collect the medicine as it is filtered through screens.

Solvent extracts, how are they different?

There are some tried and true ways to concentrate your medical cannabis for use. Licensed facilities can use solvents to “wash” the medication away from the plant. These highly pure, concentrated forms are produced using various solvents. Various forms that the processed medication take will offer differences in flavors.

The purity of medical products is greatly enhanced by these methods. Some ailments are more sensitive to the various solvents that may not be completely eliminated. For example, people who cannot consume alcohol should not use tinctures. Licensed facilities produce medicine that is safe for use, however, some patients still have reservations about these products.

Oklahoma medical marijuana information Overload?

When you begin your personal journey with this medicinal herb, there is a lot to learn . Considering how to best access medical cannabis, how to be safe when medicating, and even choosing which variety of cannabis is right for you can be a daunting prospect.

Although this article can only scratch the surface, after reading this information you will be more prepared to ask the right questions. You can be confident that your first steps will take you in the right direction in your quest for health, happiness, and well-being through medical cannabis. It really is a wonderful, powerful tool to have in your arsenal of medical options!

Here at The Peak Dispensary, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Ask a staff member and let them know “I’m new to this” and you’ll receive valuable information and guidance. Knowledge is power! Stop by one of our local cannabis dispensaries at any time and our staff will provide you with the resources and information you need. Remember, we’re here to help where we can!

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