9 Applications of Cannabis for Athletes

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Oklahoma medical marijuana provides patients of all different lifestyles, treating various kinds of ailments with the versatile marijuana plant. The cannabis plant has been used for thousands of years to treat everything from toothaches to those with broken bones. Today in 2019, we have seen cannabis applied through lotions, tinctures, foods, and the traditional flower version of the plant. With that in mind, the cannabis plant continues to bring an excellent healing application for patients across the Sooner State.

For Athletes, who often push their bodies to their outer limits on a more regular basis, cannabis can provide a way to deal with recovery, assist with the training itself, and help athletes who enjoy endurance sports. The cannabis plant’s ability to help with the recovery process and allow athletes to better deal with their post-workout soreness can be an essential factor. Furthermore, if an athlete does get an injury, the cannabis plant can help with the inflammation or can assist with the bone healing process. Moreover, the cannabis plant can help with patients who are dealing with muscle spasms, thus allowing them to perhaps train or play longer than they would be able to otherwise.

Other aspects of the cannabis plant can help athletes as well. For example, CBD can be another vital factor to consider when looking at the cannabis plant and the application it can have for athletes. To this point, the cannabis plant may provide some athletes with an improved mindset for training activities. This can be seen from the cannabis plant’s ability to make the mundane stimulating. Furthermore, the cannabis plant can have a profound effect on our digestive system, including helping with an upset stomach. The plant may also assist with those who need their appetite stimulated to consume more calories.

Here at The Peak, an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary, we believe in the power of medical marijuana. With that said, the plant offers a variety of applications to patients, who should always consult their primary care provider before looking to use medical marijuana. That being said, today, we will look at nine applications of the cannabis plant for athletes that may assist those who live an active lifestyle. 

With that said, let us dive right in!

#1. Inflammation 

Hard workouts can significantly affect your body. With this, inflammation is a common ailment athletes must deal with. The evolution of cannabis attitudes and policies around the world can play a significant role in changing the patterns of marijuana use among athletes. To this point, It seems athletes are now using cannabis for more than just pain and inflammation. Compounds such as CBD which is found in both Oklahoma medical marijuana and hemp can have a positive impact on inflammation dealt with by athletes.

#2. Help with Recovery

cannabis and recovery

To further expand upon the benefits of cannabis in terms of the plant’s anti-inflammatory nature, the plant may also help with muscle recovery. Perhaps this has to do with Oklahoma medical marijuana and the anti-inflammatory effects, or maybe it is the analgesic or pain-relieving aspects of the plant. Either way, many athletes have come out to support medical marijuana for their training efforts. This shows the cannabis plant has been working for these professional athletes and suggest it may be beneficial to those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Cannabis may be the next big thing in sports medicine, but more research is needed to know for sure.

#3. Assist with Soreness – Pain Relieve

As noted above, Oklahoma medical marijuana can offer patients a pain-relieving effect. Over the decades, cannabis has long been used for the specific application of relieving pain. In today’s world of Oklahoma medical marijuana, the pain-relieving aspects of the cannabis plant remain as one of the most common reasons patients seek cannabis. For athletes, this offers two different and valuable applications. First, it can help with a post-workout soreness effect which is typical for those living an active lifestyle. Second, the cannabis plant can help if you work out or play too hard in a sport and end up injuring yourself. When this happens, which is almost inevitable for long term athletic lifestyles, cannabis can be a powerful tool to get through the pain without it being too unbearable. 

#4. Healing Broken Bones 

The cannabis plant can help if an injury becomes so bad that it leads to a broken bone. There have been studies to suggest that CBD can help promote bone growth. To this point, some studies have even suggested that when utilizing the cannabis plant to heal a broken bone, the body will produce bone mass which is stronger than the original. While patients can benefit from this effect of the cannabis plant, a broken bone can be a painful healing process. Thus, opening the door for the pain-relieving aspects of the cannabis plant to help patients dealing with this painful event in their lives. With this in mind, an Oklahoma medical marijuana will also have products that do not have psychoactive effects for patients who want relief but still need to be productive while their bone heals.

#5. Muscle Spasms

cannabis and exercise

A Muscle spasm is another commonly cited ailment which patients of Oklahoma medical marijuana report utilizing the plant. These spasms can be painful experiences that occur at random times, leaving patients stricken in discomfort. With this in mind, athletes tend to deal with this problem even more regularly because of their intense training and more active lifestyles. Luckily, shops such as our Oklahoma City dispensary offers an array of products that can help patients dealing with muscle spasms. These again include products that are psychoactive and traditionally thought of with cannabis but also non-psychoactive applications of the cannabis plant such as lotions or topicals and CBD tinctures. Studies still need to be completed to know with certainty if CBD helps specifically with muscle spasms but may be worth a try for some patients.

#6. Endurance Sports & CBD 

Cannabis and running

Athletes who used CBD and THC in combination showed the most positive and beneficial effects of the cannabis plant. Athletes, just as the entire population, are continually looking for ways to alleviate the impact of insomnia, pain, and other ailments. With that in mind, endurance athletes can benefit from the applications of CBD in particular. The compound has shown to help with 

#7. Stimulating Appetite

The cannabis plant, famous for giving users the munchies, offers this as a benefit to the world more than the joke may of munchies imply. For athletes, consuming enough calories for their workout regiment is a quintessential component of their training program. Therefore, an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary may have more to offer athletes than assist in the post-workout process. The plant can also ensure patients are properly fed and have enough calories to empower their bodies to build the muscle they need to succeed.

#8. Assist with an Upset Stomach

Any athletes know the troubles of being sick on game day or even during training. This can slow down your training program or also take you out on the big game day, which is a real drag. For endurance athletes, in particular, an upset stomach while trying to compete can be a make or break factor. Our stomachs can often “rebel” against us as we push our bodies to our outer limits. Therefore, the ability of the cannabis plant to help with this type of discomfort can play a significant role in helping an athlete who is feeling ill.

#9. Stimulates the Mundane

cannabis can help stimulate the mundane

Another aspect of training an athlete will inevitably need to deal with is the mundane and repetitive nature of working out. While patients want to find a delicate balance between stimulating their training experiences and training as hard as they can, cannabis may play an essential role in keeping the mundane a bit more exciting. This can be true of many runners who site the cannabis plant as a vital tool to their training programs where they are spending a few to over 15 hours a week running. 

In closing, the Oklahoma medical marijuana market continues to offer exciting applications to the people of Oklahoma. With this in mind, athletes may benefit from cannabis specifically as we covered with the nine applications of the plant today. With this in mind, patients who live an active lifestyle may find the medicinal effects of the plant overlap and benefit with their workout or exercise needs. Furthermore, the plant can help those who are always moving and shaking with its ability to help with any injuries, soreness, or muscle spasms. Moreover, the cannabis plant has been reported by endurance sport athletes to help with the challenges they face in their sport. Problems such as fixing the stomach or stimulating the mundane tasks involved in endurance sports can be two easy to see the benefits of the cannabis plant.

As always, if you ever have any questions about the medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma, stop by one of the many Peak Dispensary locations and our staff is happy to help where we can!

Until next time friends, stay well! 

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