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Cannabis Smoke

Medical Marijuana seems to be steamrolling across the country with many states getting on board with compassionate care cannabis can provide. With this, the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry specifically has become a powerful player in the medical marijuana sector within the last year since it was legalized. With more and more markets coming online to offer medical marijuana, consumers have a plethora of ways to consume medical marijuana like never before. The days of roach clips and resin bowls are quickly becoming a thing of the past as cannabis becomes readily available. With that, there are more ways to consume medical marijuana than ever before. This includes edibles, transdermals, lotions and even inhalers that are starting to hit some medical marijuana markets across the country. Luckily, Oklahoma medical marijuana patients have access to many of these products and hopefully, before too long, all of these exciting products will be available.

Smoke Cannabis Flower

The most traditional way to consume medical marijuana has to be with a good ole fashion cannabis flower in a pipe or joint. This has been the most common type of consumption when people think about consuming medical marijuana. Luckily, patients in the Oklahoma medical marijuana system have access to a great variety of cannabis flower. The Peak Dispensary offers over a dozen cannabis strains for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients to enjoy. Cannabis flower can be smoked with a variety of tools such as a joint, bowl, or water pipes such as a bong or bubbler. While this may not be the healthiest option on the list of methods below, it certainly offers users a very fast-acting form of medical marijuana where patients can feel effects often times within minutes of consumption. All and all, we have to say our favorite form of cannabis consumption comes from smoking an ole’ fashion doobie or smoking a bowl, putting this method of medical marijuana consumption at the top of our list!

Vaporize Cannabis

Oklahoma medical marijuana patients can benefit from a healthier version of flower consumption with a vaporizer. These devices will use high levels of heat to actually vaporize the cannabis product instead of combusting it. The great thing about using a vaporizer is the fact the product being consumed does not combust. This means patients can save their vaporized medical marijuana to cook into edibles or use for a second time, something that is simply not possible when smoking cannabis. Vaporizers are also highly recommended by doctors for medical marijuana patients looking for a way to consume cannabis in a healthier manner. All and all, we see vaporizing cannabis as the way of the future for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients.
Vape Pens

The new and perhaps most innovative method of consumption on the list is with vape pens. These innovative products include a few different varieties. Some varieties of vape pens will be cannabis oil thinned down with propylene glycol, the same products which are used with traditional e-cigs. Another variety of vape pens will come with pure cannabis oil and require a more robust heating element within the vape cartridge itself. The differences in these two varieties of “vapes” (we use that word loosely when referring to vape pens since technically they combust the product unlike a traditional vaporizer would) can also be noted by consumers with their effects. Cartridges with propylene glycol will often smoke more closely to a joint or bowl of flower, while a pure cannabis oil cartridge will give users the effect more apt to take a dab with a much higher concentration of THC. All and all though, these new and innovative products are sure to help Oklahoma medical marijuana patients consume their medicine in a far more discreet manner since both varieties of Vape pens do not smell anywhere near as pungent as traditional cannabis flower would.

Dabs and Concentrates

The young Oklahoma medical marijuana market does luckily offer consumers access to dabs and concentrated forms of marijuana. The trend of dabs, concentrated forms of a cannabis extract, has boomed in popularity over the last decade. With this popularity, we have seen a dozen varieties of cannabis dabs which include wax, shatter, CO2 oil, live resin, rosin, bubble hash, and many more. These varieties of cannabis do need a little bit of extra equipment to consume them, such as a dab rig and torch. With this, it can be a little bit more hands-on for new cannabis consumers, especially because you need to use a torch to heat the oil rig. However, there are a few solutions to this hands-on approach but they can be a bit more expensive such as an electric nail for your oil rig or a vaporizer which works with cannabis concentrates. If you decide to go the vaporizer route, keep in mind that you will want one that works for concentrates!


Oklahoma medical marijuana patients can also enjoy marijuana-infused products, commonly known as edibles. These threats often come in the form as something sweet such as gummies, chocolates, or the classic cannabis-infused brownies. Edibles are wonderful for people looking to be 100% discreet while consuming their cannabis since it is simply a piece of food. These cannabis products are also wonderful for people looking to work on a specific ailment which may react best with an edible form of cannabis instead of a smoked one. This is something that patients should consult with their doctor or experiment with low dosages of edibles to start. Remember, do not eat the whole edible until you know your personal tolerance level. Edibles produce a   version of THC which is 10-15 times more potent than smoking the cannabis plant. With this, it is good to start your edible dosages low and go slow! Edibles can be tricking since they can take anywhere from one to three hours to kick in for patients. This again brings up our advice to go slow and start with a low dosage when experimenting with edible products.

Cannabis infused topical can be a wonderful application of the plant.
  • Topicals

The great thing about the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma has to be exciting and unique products such as topicals. These products will only get the applicant high if they are a transdermal lotion, meaning they can penetrate the skin and get into the user’s bloodstream to provide a relieving high. Many individual case studies have been reported by medical patients around the country who say even the non-transdermal lotions can help with a variety of ailments such as arthritis. While this certainly is not medical advice, we find it important to share case studies to give others the creative ways in which cannabis has been used to heal. Finally, it is worth noting for older patients who are not comfortable with medical marijuana, a topical version of the healing plant which does not get the user high can be a great stepping stone towards wellness.


This particular product may be the most unique on our list! The suppositories, which are only just beginning to be manufactured in other markets around the country, should in due time be available to Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. These products have been marketed in other regions as able to help with a woman’s menstrual cycle or be used to find relief for other’s who use the suppository method for medication.

Bonus Method!! Bath Bombs

The final exciting new application of Oklahoma medical marijuana includes bath bombs! Treat yourself to a wonderfully relaxing bath that can be infused with cannabis derivatives and beautiful aromas. These products will not necessarily get the medical marijuana patient stoned while enjoying their bath but the topical applications are more applicable.

A new and innovative product comes with the cannabis infused bath bomb

All and all we should expect other exciting methods to consume medical marijuana. Oklahoma medical marijuana patients should look forward to new businesses entering their state marketplace to offer products such as vape pens, topicals, and perhaps even exciting products like inhalers. If you ever have a question about a marijuana consumption method feel free to ask us! We with The Peak Dispensary are always happy to help where we can. Cheers!

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