7 Ways Oklahoma Medical Marijuana May Help Men

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The world of Oklahoma medical marijuana continues to push new norms across the Sooner state. With that in mind, Oklahoma medical marijuana has a plethora of potential benefits to help male patients. These effects may help with more than just men but can also be seen regularly as a dominant factor when a male Oklahoma medical marijuana patient applies for a license. 

First, we will look at the benefits medical marijuana can offer those dealing with inflammation, pain relief or arthritis. We will also look at how medical marijuana can help with slowing the advancement of certain types of cancer cells. Furthermore, reports suggest Oklahoma medical marijuana patients may benefit from their medicine with an increased amount of creativity. Finally, we will look at the potential for Oklahoma’s medical marijuana to help with PTSD.

With that being said, let us dive in and take a closer look at seven ways Oklahoma medical marijuana may help Men.

1). Anti-inflammatory Effects

Cannabis and broken bones

The world of Oklahoma medical marijuana benefits greatly from the anti-inflammatory effects of this medicinal plant. The anti-inflammatory effects of the cannabis plant can be attributed to cannabinoids such as CBD but also many other compounds. CBN, CBG, and CBC are also a few of the many cannabinoids which offer anti-inflammatory effects. With this in mind, the interesting thing about inflammation is that many human ailments are based in some form of inflammation. Leading to a huge benefit for men who are looking for the benefits of an anti-inflammatory agent in their body.

What are the benefits of anti-inflammation? Much of this depends upon the ailment you are treating with medical marijuana. For example, some conditions which are commonly treated with medical marijuana benefit directly from the cannabis plant’s anti-inflammatory nature. This can be seen as one of the many reasons as to why cannabis helps patients treating one form of pain or another. Much of the pain felt by people can be attributed to a basis of inflammation somewhere in the body, thus making medical marijuana the first stop on our list of 7 ways Oklahoma medical marijuana can help men and quickly leading us into our next point.

2). Pain Relieving Qualities of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

The analgesic qualities or pain-relieving qualities of the cannabis plant have helped push the plant into the mainstream and maybe the single biggest impact the cannabis plant has to offer the world. The main found within the cannabis plant, tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly as THC is one of the main providers of the plant’s anti-pain qualities. To this point, it can also be noted that THC provides one of the many ‘side-effects’ that come along with the cannabis plant being that it is psychoactive. Although many patients enjoy this high, the plant’s ability to create this high can also be a side effect when patients need to remain productive. Luckily, other cannabinoids that are non-psychoactive such as CBD have also been found to help with pain- even if indirectly through its anti-inflammatory effects. 

Unlike other heavy analgesic substances, the cannabis plant has far fewer side-effects, at least when you take into consideration the high associated with the cannabis plant. While the cannabis plant’s most powerful analgesic qualities are noteworthy, the apparent lack of traditional side-effects should also be discussed. Many traditional pain medications come with heavy withdrawal or addiction risks which have helped fuel the horrible opioid crisis in America. Luckily the cannabis plants bring together an option for patients looking to deal with pain without the huge risk of abuse another pain medication has tied with them.

3). Anxiety Assistance

CBD & Mental Illness

Another interesting aspect of the cannabis plant in which Oklahoma medical marijuana can help men is with anxiety assistance. With the rise of mental illness in America such as anxiety, the cannabis community has luckily brought something to help. With that in mind, you should always consult your medical practitioner or family doctor before trying to treat anxiety with medical marijuana. Due to the fact that cannabis does have properties, the plant can be more or less effective for treating anxiety. With that in mind, Oklahoma medical marijuana being used for treating anxiety only is effective in some cases. 

Nonetheless, many patients have reported success in dealing with their anxiety by accessing Oklahoma medical marijuana. There are reliable resources online which document the benefit of medical marijuana for those treating anxiety. The good thing about the Oklahoma medical marijuana men who are trying to use cannabis for anxiety is that the plant can be found without any noteworthy levels of THC. These strains of cannabis which are oftentimes high in CBD can be great for those looking to deal with anxiety on a regular basis. 

4). May Help with Arthritis

The world of medical marijuana may also help with arthritis as well. The plant has shown in numerous studies as highlighted by WebMD.  The great aspect of the cannabis plant when it comes to helping treat Oklahoma medical marijuana patients is the plant’s two-prong approach. First, the plant can help with the pain associated with arthritis. Furthermore, the plant also is anti-inflammatory by nature and therefore helps deal with much of the problem of arthritis at the source of the issue. With that in mind, be sure to talk to your family doctor if you are interested in treating your arthritis with products from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. 

5). Can slow the spread of cancer cells

Cannabis has been well documented to help with the side-effects of popular cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. According to the American Cancer Society, the cannabis plant may also help with fighting cancer itself, although the plant is listed under the alternative medicine section of the famous organization’s website. With this in mind, there have been big new headlines lately about the cannabis plant’s ability to help treat certain types of cancer. One example of this comes from a compound found within the cannabis plant which may help fight pancreatic cancer, as reported by Medical Daily. With that said, the cannabis plant truly needs to research more to fully understand the powers it will have in the fight again cancer. 

6). Spur Creativity, Perhaps

The cannabis plant has been known for its ability to inspire and spur creativity. Yet, we put this as a big perhaps it really depends on many factors as to if this creativity is created by the cannabis plant. For example, an Oklahoma marijuana patient would have to get the right strain of cannabis to be able to tap into the creative powers the plant can provide. To this point, we recommend a high sativa strain if you are trying to be more creative. Although there is little science to support this claim, there is some non-scientific evidence out there such a news story highlighting a similar creative effect for the cannabis plant. While you may need to take this point with a grain of sale, we do believe it is a great example of how Oklahoma medical marijuana can help men live a happier and healthy life! Finally, this not something which someone would be able to get a medical marijuana license for, that is to spur their creativity but perhaps an added benefit to those who use Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program for other ailments. 

7). May Help Veterans with PTSD

Our last and certainly not least point on the list, how Oklahoma medical marijuana can help with PTSD. According to Psychology Today, the concept of using medical marijuana for treating PTSD is not something that comes without some controversy. First and foremost, this should always be discussed with your medical practitioner if you are considering using medical marijuana for PTSD. With that said, the treatment can be effective but also is a type of treatment which is done by itself to benefit the patient. Instead, it is done so in combination with other forms of treatment to better help the patient deal with PTSD. All and all, this may benefit some who have to live with a stressful disorder on a daily basis and hopefully brings some form of reliving to their day to day lives.

Through the legalization of Oklahoma medical marijuana, dispensaries across the state are now empowered to better serve their communities. That being said, we hope that men across the state can benefit from Oklahoma’s medical marijuana. With that in mind, we love to share the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities of the cannabis plant with as many folks as we can. The great thing about The Peak Dispensary is that if you need a Lawton, Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary or an Oklahoma City medical marijuana dispensary we have you covered! Plus, we offer many other locations across the sooner state which can be found on our website’s location page.

With that being said, stay tuned to next week’s blog where we offer a similar article for female Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. Until next time, stay well!

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