7 Ways Cannabis Helps Women

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As the world of Oklahoma medical marijuana continues to evolve, we are seeing more and more innovative ways in which the cannabis plant can help patients around the Sooner State. With that in mind, today, we will look at seven interesting ways cannabis helps women. Some of which will be specific to women but a few sections we will look at the core benefits offered by an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary.

First, we will look at the benefit of Oklahoma medical marijuana can provide for pain. Next, we will look at how the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis can bring value to patients. Finally, concerning general topics, we will look at how Oklahoma’s medical marijuana may help benefit anxiety.

After talking about the general benefits of Oklahoma medical marijuana, we will look more closely at how cannabis can help women in particular. Benefits of cannabis for women will include relief from cannabis for menstruation and menopause. Furthermore, we will look at new studies regarding cannabis and sexual health. Finally, we will look at another general topic of the benefits of certain cannabis enhanced products such as lotions that are available through a cannabis dispensary.

With that said, let us dive right in!

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana for Pain

Cannabis for pain relief

The world of Oklahoma medical marijuana brings together a plethora of new medicinal applications of cannabis to patients across the Sooner State. With that in mind, cannabis has been known for the plant’s ability to heal and help with all different types of pain. With that in mind, we felt looking at the ability of Oklahoma medical marijuana to help with pain was a natural first step. With that said, why is it that cannabis helps with pain relief? Let us dive in and take a deeper look.

First and foremost, we cannot have a conversation about cannabis, and it’s the ability to help pain without mentioning tetrahydrocannabinol which is an analgesic. An analgesic is a substance that provides pain-relieving effects. That means when an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient consumes a cannabis strain with a high amount of THC; they are more likely to feel the analgesic effect of the cannabis plant.

Another important topic when discussing the cannabis plant’s ability to help with pain is from the cannabinoid, CBD. This popular component within the cannabis plant has been shown to help with pain through a more indirect method than THC. CBD helps with fighting inflammation, which is a common underlying cause of pain throughout our body. With that said, CBD and THC both can help work wonders when any Oklahoma medical marijuana patient is dealing with pain. 

Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

As noted above, while discussing the pain-relieving qualities, CBD can be a powerful anti-inflammatory substance. One of the most common underlying ailments humans deal with regularly comes from problems of inflammation. With that in mind, if you are dealing with problems based upon inflammation, next time you are in an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary, be sure to keep your eye out for a high CBD strain. Furthermore, patients can look for products that offer high CBD content such as from edibles or tinctures. These products have been shown to CBD and other cannabinoids can help produce a novel anti-inflammatory effect. With that said, remember to consider utilizing Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program next time you are faced with inflammation somewhere in your body.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana for Anxiety

Anxiety and cannabis

The world of Oklahoma medical marijuana offers more solutions than even most patients are aware of! With that in mind, this particular ailment may be something which only helps some patients. That being said, remember to talk to your primary healthcare provider to see if Oklahoma’s medical marijuana is a good solution for your anxiety. While the solution offered by an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary may be viable to treat some people’s anxiety, it certainly does not do this for everyone. With this in mind, each patient should look at the benefits and drawbacks with treating anxiety through the usage of cannabis with their primary healthcare provider to know if it is a good fit.

Benefits of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana for Menstruation 

Female patients of the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry can benefit from the cannabis plant’s ability to resolve a variety of different uncomfortable situations. This includes the plant’s ability to help with a women’s monthly menstruation cycle. Many reports have suggested that the cannabis plant can help with this uncomfortable time of month simply through the natural effects offered by the cannabis plant. That being said, many women report cannabis being beneficial during their time of the month. Some cannabis companies across other medical marijuana markets have even introduced specially designed products to help with this need of female patients.

Benefits of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana for Menopause

Another benefit cannabis can bring women is helping to deal with menopause. Next time you are in an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary, keep your eye out on products that are nearly tailored for this aspect of a women’s health. This could include lotions, tinctures, or more traditional items found in an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary such as a concentrate or flower form of medical marijuana. With that said, this would be a topic you would want to discuss directly with your primary health care provider to see if Oklahoma medical marijuana is right for your personal needs.

Cannabis and Sexual Health

Another interesting application Oklahoma medical marijuana can provide is within the world of sexual health. New surveys suggest medical marijuana may help stimulate a more pleasurable experience for women with their partners if they are using cannabis at that time. With this in mind, cannabis has long been associated with its ability to stimulate sexual urges. This dates back to the time of reefer madness when propaganda portrayed cannabis consumers as lusty sexual deviants. Today we know that while cannabis can be used as a sexual stimulant, it’s far more complex of a plant than just this one minor application. Nonetheless, cannabis could be the spice you and your partner need to add to the bedroom to create a more enjoyable experience.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Skincare

Oklahoma medical marijuana and skincare

Jumping into a more another application of cannabis, lotions and other infused oils can bring a wonderful array of applications to patients within the Oklahoma medical marijuana program. These products can help patients with skincare needs that require a bit of a stronger approach. Furthermore, lotions can help a patient deal with symptoms of arthritis and other conditions which are closer to the surface of the body. An exciting fact about topical products from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary is that many of them will not impair a patient. This means, if a topical product does work to help relieve your symptoms, you can enjoy relief without compromising the more demanding tasks throughout your day when you simply cannot be stoned for. In closing, be sure to buy a lotion product though which is not transdermal because some lotions actually can get you high!

In closing, we hope you learned more about the benefits of cannabis and how medical marijuana can help women specifically. While we covered a few broader applications of cannabis to start here, the final points offer a few different applications cannabis can help a woman with specifically. We felt through the applications of pain relief, is an anti-inflammatory agent, and the ability of the cannabis plant to provide relief for some types of anxiety should be included as well because they could apply to so many different walks of life.

That being said, we hope that you are now more informed about how the products offered by your local Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary can help specifically in the lives of a woman. This includes the benefits cannabis can play with regards to a woman’s menstrual cycle and when she eventually starts menopause. Furthermore, surveys suggest women are benefitting from cannabis in other ways, including to enhance their experience in the bedroom. Finally, the topical applications offered by Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries should be noted. While this can help both men and women, we thought it was a fun and light way to wrap up the story today regarding seven ways cannabis helps women.

Finally, remember if you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, you can visit The Peak Moore Dispensary, Norman dispensary, Lawton dispensary, or one of our many other locations and our staff is always happy to help where we can!

Until next time friends, stay well!

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