6 Ways Marijuana Can Improve Your Workout

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While combining marijuana and your workout regime may not initially seem like the best of ideas, the effects of this pairing present a compelling set of reasons to try it anyway. Using the substance right before a workout session is becoming increasingly popular, even among the professionals.

The following are the observed benefits of marijuana to a workout regime:

Increases Metabolism

One of the many effects of marijuana is a temporary increase in body metabolism. This, in turn, allows you to burn fat and lipids faster with no increase in the effort required. According to a study conducted by GW Pharmaceuticals and published in Men’s Journal, the compounds found in marijuana increase metabolism, and in turn fat loss as well as lower cholesterol. Further, studies on obesity and the effects of marijuana on the disease have documented observations on the correlation of daily marijuana intake and lower BMI, implying that users are generally skinny and their bodies burn fat much more quickly.

Enhances focus

When you use feminized cannabis seeds before pre-workout, it produces a calming effect on the mind. It gets rid of workout jitters and anxiety as well as enhances your focus. These effects allow you to relax and hence, focus better on the workout itself, improving awareness and performance. In fact, Outside Magazine correspondent Gordy Megroz, published an article that stated that he felt “invincible on the slopes” during skiing after smoking marijuana. Countless other athletes have also supported this opinion of cannabis reducing anxiety, but you do not have to take our word for it. Try it for yourself by using budget buds right before a workout and experience the shift in focus.

Reduces pain caused by exercises

One of the most common reasons why people fall off the wagon in the case of daily exercise regimes is the pain. Ingesting marijuana helps alleviate this pain as the compound THC in cannabis is a known painkiller. Olympian Ross Rebagliati talks about his use of high CBD strains to reduce aches and inflamed muscles after a long hard workout. He recommends using Sativa to counter open wounds or other sharp pains. Marijuana cultivation has become increasingly common and allow hybridization of the strains to combat all kinds of pains at the same time.

Reduces muscle strain

THC extracts present in cannabis help with pain without the addictive qualities present in other painkillers. An increase in the amount of lactic acid in the body causes muscle soreness. The compounds in marijuana help flush the body of this acid allowing the muscle to heal and repair itself quickly. The less sore and painful your muscles are, the better prepared you are the next day to increase and improve your exercises. Through the ingestion of marijuana, there is significant gain without the pain.  

Improved Sleep

Another appealing aspect of the benefits of using marijuana is the effects it has on sleep patterns. A strain of marijuana, Indica, is well known for it’s sedative and relaxing effects. A small quantity of Indica is enough to guarantee you peaceful and refreshing downtime regardless of the strain and pressure of the day. Sleep is essential when starting a serious workout schedule as it is when the body heals and recharges itself for the next day. Vaping marijuana using the best portable vaporizer is also helpful in improving the quality of sleep.

Regulates Insulin

According to a study in the American Journal of Medicine, “Marijuana users have 16% lower fasting insulin level than non-users as well as a smaller waist circumference” This means that marijuana helps manage insulin levels in the body. Insulin is a hormone that controls the amount of glucose in your body. Through the control of insulin levels, marijuana indirectly helps burn the sugar in your cells for energy and in turn cause weight loss.

           A few things to keep in mind when you are starting out with this method:

  • Do not try this if you have heart conditions or are under the legal age of 21.
  • Microdose – Take small quantities at a time and only increase the dosage if you are comfortable exercising with it.
  • Avoid using smoking as a method to ingest marijuana seeds as this can cause damage to the lungs – an effect counterproductive to your workout. Use other methods of ingesting such as vaping or edibles.

Experiment with different strains and combinations to see what works for you. There is no common strain and the choice is highly dependent on personal preferences.

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