200,000 Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patients & State Reviews Cannabis Marketing

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The Sooner state’s medical marijuana industry continues to grow leaps and bounds. Despite being just over a year old, Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries across the state now help serve over 200,000 Oklahomans! With these wonderful numbers, we also see the state starting the process to regulate the medical marijuana sector further here in Oklahoma potentially.

Today, we look at what it means for the young Oklahoma medical marijuana industry to support a wonderfully large patient size of 200,000 members within the community. With this exciting milestone achieved, it places the Oklahoma medical marijuana program as the most highly utilized one in the country.

Furthermore, as the state grows the cannabis sector, state regulators continue to examine how they can better serve the people of Oklahoma. With that in mind, the state recently established a panel to look into acceptable cannabis practices. While no new regulations will pass until the state legislature reconvenes with their next session, it is interesting to see this committee established.

With that said, let us dive right in and take a more in-depth look at Oklahoma medical marijuana news for this week!

200,000 Registered Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patients

With a thrilling report, the state released numbers to show that over 200,000 patients have registered to shop at Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary closest to them. According to Tulsa World, as of October 1st, 2019, the State of Oklahoma had its 200,000th patient licensed. This exciting news comes along with over 7,000 medical marijuana businesses that operate across the state, as well.

While early estimates suggested only around 2% of the state’s population would join the medical marijuana program as a patient. This 2% of the population is only about 80,000 patients and has shown to be closer to 5% with the latest report of nearly a quarter of a million patients joining the Oklahoma medical marijuana program. 

This impressive participation number is among the highest in the entire country. With that in mind, the vote for medical marijuana in Oklahoma passed nearly 15 months ago, with 57% of Oklahoma voters supporting the measure. Since passing this vote, the state has seen a great response to empower both Oklahoma medical marijuana patients and businesses alike. All of which has led to a booming medical marijuana industry within the great state of Oklahoma.

State Authority Establishes Panel to Review Cannabis Marketing

Oklahoma medical marijuana marketing may soon be further regulated.

Lawmakers at the state of Oklahoma’s legislature are expected to consider medical marijuana business advertising regulations. 

State lawmaker Chris Paul, who heads Oklahoma for Health board, noted that while he supported the legalization of medical marijuana, he felt the lines of medicine and recreation were blurred. Regarding the story, according to Tulsa World, Paul said, “Regrettably, we do have situations around the state where dispensaries are crossing the recreational line and advertising more as a recreational exercise rather than a medical exercise.”.

With this in mind, state legislators have started an interim study that was requested by Representative Tammy Townley of Ardmore. She cited the concern from her constitutes that cannabis-related billboards seemed to draw worry. In terms of potentially blurring the lines between a medical product and one used for adults as a recreational tool, a billboard does raise concern. That said, it will be interesting to stay tuned to the next state Legislation session to see how lawmakers respond to this concern.

All and all, the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to move forward at a record pace. The growth is terrific news for patients and community members who benefit from the medicine which cannabis can provide. Furthermore, it is thrilling to see over 200,000 Oklahoma medical marijuana patients registered in the state. All of which will surely bring about more regulation from state regulators as the young Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues on its path of maturity. 

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