The holiday season is in full swing with stores playing holiday music and caroler ringing bells at your local grocery store. Yet with a seemingly cheery time of year for some, the holiday season can oftentimes be a challenging time of year. Despite all the cheer, laughter, and fun, many people can get overwhelmed during the holidays. When the holiday season does start to get stressful, a great way to help patients across the Oklahoma medical marijuana community relax is with cannabis.

Edibles, in particular, offer a wonderful way to get in a little medicine without being too intrusive in front of your family all the while. And luckily cannabis edibles oftentimes offer a tasty treat in the form of a brownie, caramel bites, or tasty chocolate bar. These classic edible choices are joined by more unique products such as ice cream and infused bread.

For patients who prefer to smoke or vape over the holiday season, we will look at a dozen cannabis strains that are perfect for the holiday season. While these strains of cannabis can be good at any time of year, they also offer patients a great medical marijuana experience during the holiday season as well.

When shopping for flower the choice continues to be a robust one with a ton of different options to choose from. To this point, it may be best to choose a strain of medical marijuana depending upon your schedule. As patients gear up for the holiday season, their busy schedules may require a sativa for their medical marijuana such as Green Crack. As the holiday season turns closer to the new year though and starts to wind down, patients may enjoy a more relaxing indica variety of Oklahoma medical marijuana such as 

With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the best medical marijuana for the holiday season!

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Edibles

Today at The Peak Dispensary patients can find a wonderful variety of different edibles. This includes classics such as infused gummies, chocolates, and baked goods such as cookies and brownies. With the popularity of Oklahoma medical marijuana, we can also offer a number of unique and ‘fancier’ edibles. These include fun treats such as infused frozen banana bread, cannabutter, honey, and even ice cream!

Baked Brownies & Cookies

Cannabis businesses across the Sooner State have established a wonderful variety of different infused baked goods for patients to enjoy. This includes traditional brownies and chocolate chip cookies but also more exciting options like a heath bar brownie and mint dipped cookie. Offering wonderful treats for any medical marijuana patient looking to enjoy their medicine as a sweet-tasting treat. 

Infused Caramel Bites & Taffies

Another wonderful choice when shopping for edibles includes caramel bites and taffies! These sweet treats come in a variety of flavors with many different types of fruity choices to select from. Most of the caramel bites and taffy products will come in a package of 100 or 200 mg with 10 or 20 pieces which can make for dosing of these treats a bit easier than splitting up a baked good into individual pieces for each dosage.

Cannabis Gummies

Probably the most popular cannabis edibles patients purchase come from the gummy selection. Today the world of medical marijuana offers a great selection of different types of gummy flavors to ensure you have something that appeals to you. One of the more unique flavors offered as a gummy at our Oklahoma City dispensary is a mango ginger flavor that is sure to pack a tasty and flavorful punch along with it’s medicated dosage of 10 mg per piece. 

Hard Candies & Lollipops

Another very popular choice for patients at our Lawton dispensary is hard candy. These lozenge style edibles make a great fit for patients looking to discreetly enjoy their medical marijuana. Perhaps one of the reasons they are so popular is how discreet they can be for patients. Furthermore, the hard candies come in a good variety of flavors so there is sure to be a perfect fit that appeals to your taste buds.

Unique Medical Marijuana Edibles

If you’re shopping for more unique edibles in Oklahoma City, The Peak Dispensary has you covered. We offer infused cannabutter, frozen bread varieties such as freeze-dried cinnabread and blueberry bread, and even ice cream or honey! With these wonderful treats, patients can start to get a little variety to their edible selection and be sure they are not eating the same treats week after week. The variety of edibles in the Oklahoma medical marijuana market continues to grow and bring more diversity for patients to enjoy.

Cannabis Flower for the Holidays

Even as the holiday season continues to get closer, the need for patients to access their medicine does not disappear simply because of busy schedules during the holidays. With this in mind, below is a list of fantastic strains of cannabis flower which are great for the holiday season. That being said, let us dive right in and take a closer look at Oklahoma medical marijuana flower for the holidays!

Durban Poison

This classic strain of cannabis comes from the South African port city of Durban. Furthermore, according to Leafly, Durban Poison offers patients a fruity and herbal flavor with calming effects that make this sativa a great evening smoke. With that in mind, Durban Poison has been around the cannabis community for many years now and is sure to offer patients a great experience. With Durban Poison, patients simply cannot go wrong when choosing Durban Poison.


Trainwreck brings patients one of the most classic strains of cannabis available in the market today. This happy and euphoric strain of cannabis brings patients the traditional uplifting sativa experience. That being said, Trainwreck offers patients a more energizing cannabis experience from the patient reports on Trainwreck from Leafly. With this classic cannabis strain, patients simply can’t go wrong.

Jack Flash

Another great sativa dominant hybrid patients of the Oklahoma medical marijuana community can enjoy comes from Jack Flash. According to Leafly, the Jack Flash strain brings patients a flavorful experience with hints of a haze strain and Super Skunk strain. This energizing strain does come with a bit of a body high, making it a great choice for the early evening. All of which presents Jack Flash as a wonderful choice for any Oklahoma medical marijuana patient looking for a hybrid smoke.


One of the more popular strains in the cannabis market took the community by storm nearly a decade ago. This cross of Chem’s Sisters, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel offers patients one of the more potent strains of medical marijuana. According to Leafly, this hybrid strain brings patients a peppery and citrus flavor that is sure to delight. That being said, GG#4 is a more potent strain of medical marijuana and maybe enjoyed the most from more experienced cannabis consumers.  

Big Bud

This relaxing and sleepy strain of medical marijuana offers patients a great cannabis experience. The cannabis database, Leafly describes the Big Bud strain as calming experience for patients. As a true indica strain, the Big Bud plant brings patients the opportunity to relax with its sedative effects. Produced in the 1980’s by the popular SEnsi Seed company, Big Bud has withstood the test of time to be a staple indica strain in the cannabis community today. All and all, the Big Bud strain is a great choice for any Oklahoma medical marijuana patient looking for an indica smoke.

Death Star

The Death Star strain brings patients another wonderful cannabis indica strain.Again according to Leafly, this strain of cannabis brings patients a more peppery and herbal flavor. The effects of which offer patients a traditional calming effect of an indica strain. Check out Death Star next time you want a nice indica strain and it’s available from your local Norman dispensary, The Peak Dispensary. All and all the Death Star strain brings together a great set of effects for patients who enjoy an indica strain.

Infused Lotions & Tinctures

A few of the final products to consider for the holiday season include infused lotions, ointments, and salves. These products can help patients find relief from their ailments without losing any functionality that is traditionally associated with getting high. To this point, tinctures high in CBD and low in THC can also have this effect for patients who need to find relief without getting stoned. Generally speaking for tinctures as well, these products can be fantastic for patients who want to try an edible style treat but do not want to have something so sweet such as chocolate or cookies. All and all, tinctures and infused lotions can be a great choice for patients during the holiday season.

In closing, if you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, the team here with The Peak Dispensary is always happy to help where they can! Stop by one of our many store locations and a member of our team is happy to help where they can!